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Do you want to stand out as a leading birth professional and connect with 9,000+ active mums?

Take over our super popular Facebook page and connect our following of amazing mums.


We believe in giving back to our motherhood community and also using our platform to support others and connect them with our mothers.


As such this offer is only for the most helpful and supportive birth professionals and mumpreneurs out there.


We take pride in uplifting small businesses on our platform as we were once a small business as well.


At the end of the day, we know that some if not most of our mothers will be looking for certain professionals, craft ideas or products that they just haven’t been able to get hold of yet or find!


We want to put you on the map, our mothers know they can always find what they are looking for from our Facebook Takeovers.

Are you fed up with…

  • Not being seen

  • People not being able to find you

  • Not finding your perfect clients

  • Not attracting enough or your dream clients

  • Not knowing where to start to spread the word about your business


In our early days, we were supported by some amazing businesses that gave us a platform to show up and interact. As such we…

  • Raised our influence

  • Became known

  • Now strive through referrals

  • Connected with our dream clients

  • Started to really make a difference and help mothers {thats exactly what we wanted to do!}

So now we want to give back and uplift other birth professionals and businesses.


Not only will it be good for you but also help our mothers find you!


{Currently singing ‘Is it me you’re looking for by Lionel Richie’ }



Our Facebook Takeover isn’t for the faint-hearted.


Not only will it challenge you to dig deep and talk about your business {why you started, how can you support our mums etc} but it will build your confidence.


Talking to 11,000+ people, engaging with your dream clients, putting yourself out there and finally being seen it a huge transition for the best of us.


Our Facebook Takeovers and 5 days long {So you can get the most out of our platform} we ask for a minimum of 20 minute talks per day, this could range from ‘A day in the life of me’ to ‘This is my mission’ to ‘This is why mothers come to me’.

Not only will our platform raise you up but we will carry on sharing your message for the months and years to come. We share your takeovers in our:

  • Newsletters
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Private Members Group
  • Ongoing Clients
  • We ‘boost’ your Facebook Takeover on ALL of our platforms


This means sharing your social media links and Facebook Takeovers to 11,000+ people and this number grows each day as we expand. We are letting you have the stage, but are you ready to take the leap and be in the limelight?

‘The Mothership Ltd. has been an organization I have fully trusted from day 1. Being asked to be an expert to do a takeover was not only an honor, but opened doors for me to learn more about cross-promotions on Facebook, allowed thousands of mothers the opportunity to learn more about my products and services and was just great practice at being live on Facebook. Through both the daily Facebook lives and advertising the Facebook lives, my group grew by over 60 new, ideal, members. As always, The Mothership was there every step of the way with any answers to questions I had and to help me feel confident with a new audience. So glad I was able to help and encourage so many mamas looking for answers about potty training.’

– Michelle

Are you an absolute firecracker and want the limelight to be shone on your business? Does your business support, empower and support a mother’s needs?


If you are shouting YES YES YES then fill out the application form and we will be in contact!

As you can guess this program is very popular but we are very particular about who we connect to our Mothers. We want them to have access to the best and we want passionate, trailblazing women to share our stage with us.

Apply Now!

Whilst we go through your application you will need to get organised about your message, start planning your 5 Day Facebook Takeover, what will you talk about each day? How long roughly will your talks be? Will you have a ‘Mothership Only’ offer once your Facebook Take over is complete? How will you engage everyone?

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